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Aphrodite’s Embrace Ritual Oil

Aphrodite’s Embrace Ritual Oil

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Introducing "Aphrodite's Embrace Ritual Oil" — a celestial elixir crafted to awaken the goddess within and foster profound self-love. This enchanting blend, infused with the divine energies of Aphrodite, features:

Rose: An ode to love, beauty, and nurturing the soul.
Jasmine: Elicits sensuality and deep connection within.
Vanilla Absolute: Infuses the blend with sweetness and comforting warmth.
Ylang Ylang: Balancing emotions and fostering inner harmony.
Sandalwood: Adds a grounding touch, connecting to inner divinity.


Divine Self-Love: Infused with the essence of Aphrodite, promoting love and appreciation for oneself.
Sensual Harmony: Jasmine and Ylang Ylang create a harmonious and sensual blend.
Comforting Warmth: Vanilla brings forth a soothing and warm embrace.
Grounding Divinity: Sandalwood anchors the blend, connecting you to your inner goddess.

Ways to Embrace Aphrodite's Elixir:

- Daily Ritual: Anoint yourself with this celestial oil as part of your daily self-love ritual.
- Sacred Bath: Add a few drops to your bathwater for a luxurious and nurturing experience.
- Goddess Affirmations:* Enhance affirmations and moments of introspection with this enchanting elixir.

"I am a goddess, worthy of love and adoration. With Aphrodite's Embrace, I celebrate my divine essence and embrace the boundless love that resides within."

Elevate your self-love journey with the celestial energies of "Aphrodite's Embrace Ritual Oil." Anoint, cherish, and envelop yourself in the divine essence of love.

Ways to Use Ritual Oils

Ritual Oils can be used to anoint yourself, spaced and objects with specific intentions and energy. Use to dress a candle, or charge a talisman.


Not intended for consumption. Do NOT ingest.

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