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Black Obsidian - Worry Stone

Black Obsidian - Worry Stone

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A stone to sit in the palm of your hand and ease the weight upon your mind. Black Obsidian shields one from negativity which makes this the perfect pairing!

The stone is smooth to the touch and with an indentation for your thumb. Worry stones use a form of reflexology or nerve pressure to promote a feeling of calm and relaxation. Tune into the relaxing power of a worry stone by rubbing the smooth indented surface of the stone.


Black ObsidianProtection, Grounding, Strength

Black Obsidian is a very grounding and protective stone that brings great power and strength. It shields one from negativity in the environment, from others, and from within the self. It has strong healing energy that is known to aid the release of addictive and compulsive behaviors, physical pain and emotional blockages. It helps remove negative energy from any environment.



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