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Energize - Ritual Shower Tea

Energize - Ritual Shower Tea

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Ritual Shower teas are a great way to bring in intention and focus. Pre-spelled and packaged, immerse yourself in the magick while enjoying an infused shower full of intentionally selected healing flowers and herbs.


Ingredients & Specifications

Lemongrass, Jasmine, Orange, Calendula


Dimensions: 4” H x 3” W

Product Weight: 0.5 ounces / 15 grams


How To Use

Set the tone for your space if you wish with candles, music, crystals, or anything else you see fit. While hanging the shower tea, think about the intention of the ritual. Feel the energy and power of the herbal blend as it infuses with the water and steam. You can also add these teas to a bowl at the bottle of your shower or into a bath. As you bathe, keep in mind the intention of the ritual.

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