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Growth 3oz Candle - Fundraiser for Sam

Growth 3oz Candle - Fundraiser for Sam

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Scent Notes
Top notes: Fresh Strawberry
Middle notes: Lemon
Base notes: Vanilla, Sugar


Strawberries are a sweet and delicious fruit with magical powers. In spell-casting, the strawberry is known for its hard work and determination, great fertility, love properties, and lucky wishes!

Strawberries are dedicated, determined, and hardworking. They solve problems and become stronger through their dedication.

 The sweet fruit has a strong fertility property. This means that if you eat them, you will have more energy to do your work and be successful.

 Strawberries have a love-related property because they help you overcome barriers and issues in your relationship with someone else or yourself.

Finally, strawberries are lucky for those who eat them! It's said that if you eat them on the first day of spring, you'll have good luck all year long!


All proceeds will go toward Samantha’s recovery expenses.

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