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Happiness - Loose Incense

Happiness - Loose Incense

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Looking to boost your mood and promote happiness in your life? Our Happiness loose incense blend can help you achieve just that! Made with a careful selection of herbs, this blend includes calendula for healing and happiness, orange for success and peace, jasmine for confidence, love, and joy, and cinnamon for happiness, protection, and success.

Each ingredient has been intentionally chosen for its metaphysical properties and associations, making this blend perfect for use during meditation, ritual, or simply to add some positivity to your living space. The bright colors and warm scent of this herbal blend are sure to uplift your energy and put a smile on your face.

Try burning this loose incense during moments of stress or sadness to help promote a more positive outlook and boost your overall mood. You can also use it during times of celebration to add to the joyful atmosphere. So, go ahead and treat yourself to a little Happiness with our specially curated loose incense blend.

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