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Hekate Ritual Oil

Hekate Ritual Oil

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Step into the mystical realm of Hekate with our carefully crafted Goddess Oil, a tribute to the ancient guardian of the crossroads and the keeper of hidden knowledge. This sacred blend combines the deep, grounding notes of cypress and patchouli with the mystical aroma of myrrh, evoking the profound mysteries that Hekate presides over.

Lavender brings a touch of purification and peace, aligning with Hekate's protective nature, while garlic, though unconventional, serves as a powerful symbol of protection and strength, warding off negative influences as Hekate would at the threshold of worlds.

Blue cornflowers add a delicate, floral note, their vibrant blue hue reminiscent of Hekate's celestial connections and her sovereignty over night and day. Together, these elements create a complex aroma that encapsulates Hekate's wisdom, her dominion over the earth and sky, and her role as a guide through transitions and transformations.

Anoint yourself with this oil to invoke Hekate's guidance during rituals of divination, protection, and crossroads decision-making. It's also perfect for consecrating sacred spaces and tools, calling forth her watchful eye and wise counsel.

Ways to Use Ritual Oils

Ritual Oils can be used to anoint yourself, spaced and objects with specific intentions and energy. Use to dress a candle, or charge a talisman.


Not intended for consumption. Do NOT ingest.

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