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Love - Loose Incense

Love - Loose Incense

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Indulge in the beautiful and sensual aroma of our Love Loose Incense, made from a thoughtful blend of flowers, fruits, and spices that are perfect for love, self-love, and healing rituals. Each ingredient was intentionally chosen for its unique metaphysical properties and associations.

Our Love Loose Incense includes rose for love, emotional healing, and romance, lavender for attraction, love, and longevity, calendula for beauty, youth, and healing, cinnamon for happiness and protection, jasmine for love, confidence, and attraction, and hibiscus for passion, love, and lust.

Add a pinch of this loose incense to your favorite heat-safe dish and burn it during your meditation, rituals, or other spiritual practices. The fragrance will fill the room and help you manifest your intentions for love and healing.

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