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Full Moon - Loose Incense

Full Moon - Loose Incense

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Celebrate the magic and power of the full moon with our Full Moon Loose Incense. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its metaphysical properties and associations, creating a blend that enhances the energy of the full moon and helps to connect you to its power.

Orange and lemon provide a boost of energy and positivity, while rosemary promotes clarity of thought and focus. Cinnamon brings in warmth and protection, while frankincense helps to elevate your spiritual awareness. Basil is added for its properties of abundance and manifestation, making this a perfect blend for setting intentions and manifesting your desires during the full moon.

Simply burn this loose incense on a charcoal disk and allow the smoke to fill your sacred space. You can also use it to anoint candles or sprinkle it around your altar to enhance your full moon rituals and workings. Each jar contains 1 ounce of loose incense.

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