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Spooky Sweets - Handmade Scented Intention Candles & Wax Melts

Spooky Sweets - Handmade Scented Intention Candles & Wax Melts

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Welcome to the world of Spooky Sweets, where temptation meets allure. Our carefully crafted scented candles and wax melts blend the delectable notes of Sugarcane, Berries, Vanilla, Orange, and Cinnamon to evoke the feeling of a forbidden treat.

This enchanting scent is perfect for adding a touch of temptation and seduction to your rituals and spells. The ingredients in this bewitching blend are thought to bring their own unique energies:

  • Sugarcane is believed to enhance feelings of comfort and sweetness.
  • Berries are thought to invoke love and protection.
  • Vanilla is associated with comfort and sweetness.
  • Orange is said to bring happiness and abundance.
  • Cinnamon is believed to usher in prosperity and success.

Whether you're lighting a candle or melting our wax, embrace the magic of Spooky Sweets to channel the energies of temptation and allure into your sacred space.

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