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Witch’s Ball DIY Kit

Witch’s Ball DIY Kit

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Witch Balls make a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. Historically, witch balls were hung in windows to ward off evil spirits and ill fortune. You can hang them from your window, tree, mantle, or anywhere you see fit! 

Create yours by combining herbs, crystals, and other elements you like into a clear ornament. Think about the intention of each item as you add them to the ball. You can seal with wax and hang it with a ribbon to add your own touch. 


Rosemary - Protection, Purification, Renewal, Warmth, Well-being

Mistletoe - Love, Fertility, Protection

Peppermint - Banish, Love, Luck, Purification, Warmth

Clove - Abundance, Cleansing, Protection

Juniper Berries - Blessings, Luck, Purification, Protection

Rice - Abundance, Blessings, Protection, Prosperity

Pine Cones - Spiritual Consciousness, Immortality, Regeneration

Cinnamon - Abundance, Love, Protection, Strength

Green Aventurine - Abundance, Love, Prosperity

Clear Quartz - Awareness, Clarity, Healing

Black Tourmaline - Grounding, Strength, Protection

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