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Evil Eye Guardian Ritual Oil

Evil Eye Guardian Ritual Oil

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Invite a shield of protection with our "Evil Eye Guardian" Oil, a potent elixir crafted with intention and purpose. This protective blend, featuring the harmonious energies of lemon, lavender, basil, and juniper berry, creates a powerful barrier against negativity, allowing you to move through the world with confidence and assurance.

    How to Use: Apply a few drops or rolls to your pulse points, wrists, or the back of your neck. As you do, focus on your wishes and visualize them coming to fruition. The convenient dropper or roller design allows for easy application, making it a perfect addition to your daily ritual or travel routine.

      Elevate your energy and stand resilient against the Evil Eye with the harmonious blend of "Evil Eye Guardian" Oil. Embrace a world of confidence, positivity, and protection.

      Ways to Use Ritual Oils

      Ritual Oils can be used to anoint yourself, spaced and objects with specific intentions and energy. Use to dress a candle, or charge a talisman.


      Not intended for consumption. Do NOT ingest.

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