What are Oracle Cards?

What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are a type of divination tool that is similar to Tarot cards, but with some key differences. Like Tarot cards, Oracle cards have individual meanings and symbolism, and they can be used for divination and spiritual guidance. However, unlike Tarot cards, which have a fixed set of cards and meanings, Oracle cards can be created on any theme and can have any number of cards.

Oracle cards are typically created by a single individual or a small team, and they often have a specific theme or focus. For example, an Oracle deck might be focused on the wisdom of nature, or on the power of the goddess. Each card in the deck will have its own unique meaning and symbolism, and the deck as a whole will provide insight and guidance on the theme it represents.

Oracle cards are typically used for divination and spiritual insight. They can be used to provide guidance on specific questions or challenges, or to provide a broader overview of a person's life and the major themes and influences at play. Oracle card readings can be done by a trained practitioner, or they can be done by the individual using the cards for self-reflection and guidance.

The history of Oracle cards is not as well-documented as the history of Tarot cards, but it is believed that they have been used for divination and spiritual guidance for centuries. Oracle cards have likely been used in many different cultures and traditions, and they continue to be a popular tool for personal growth and self-discovery.

In conclusion, Oracle cards are a versatile and powerful tool for divination and spiritual guidance. Whether you are seeking answers to specific questions, or are simply looking for a deeper understanding of your own life and journey, Oracle cards can provide valuable insight and support.

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