The Witch Behind the Cauldron


Meet The Witch

Hi there! I am Savanna Lefebvre, the owner and crafter behind Glamour Witch Boutique. I currently reside in Glendale, Arizona with my loving husband, 2 cats, and 1 dog. Creativity and passion are at the center of everything I do.

After leaving my managing job of 3+ years in December 2022, I made the decision to work full-time on Glamour Witch Boutique. My goal is to not only make magical tools accessible, but also create a spiritual community and help each other on our paths.

I am a practicing witch of 5+ years and have always had an interest in magic and herbal medicine. I enjoy finding new ways to incorporate my practices into the products offered at Glamour Witch Boutique. As someone who suffers from mental illness, I understand the importance of self-care and using shadow work to understand and process emotions and traumas.

This business is important to me because it allows me to have an accommodating workplace and to be a positive spiritual creator for the community. I hope that The Glamour Witch Boutique can add some magic in your life, and be a place for you to find the tools and support