Meet Savanna Lewis

Hi there! I am Savanna Lewis, the owner and crafter behind Glamour Witch Boutique. I currently reside in Phoenix Arizona with my loving fiance, 2 cats and 1 dog.  
Creativity and passion are at the center of everything I do. I grew up with a crafty mother and grandmother which inspired me to pursue jobs that allowed creativity and expression. After high school, I earned my license in Cosmetology and Barbering and became certified as a Master Makeup Artist. I thought I was living the dream when I became a manager at a beauty salon, doing what I loved best. But Covid-19 had other plans for me.  
I let my creative side of me take over and I started making candles, lotions, and bath soaks as a hobby, but it quickly morphed into the Glamour Witch Boutique! I now am able to add value to many more individuals’ lives by creating a harmonious mix of spirituality, creativity, and love, into each handmade product.  
While my journey has been exciting and fulfilling, I have also experienced mountains of self-doubt and a lack of self-confidence. Just like most people, I struggled to know how to navigate these feelings. At Glamor Witch Boutique, we focus on the physical, mental, and emotional sides of self-care, because we know that your soul needs nourishing just as much as your body.  

As a Pagan, I practice Magick and herbal medicine and I love finding new ways to incorporate that into the products my customers love. Consider me your hearth/cottage witch and let me help you find just the right product to suit your needs!  

Each handmade product is filled with passion and dedication from its early concept stages to the final product. Intertwining unique scents, witch motifs, and intentions, each product brings personality and charm to every home.  
Let The Glamor Witch Boutique be a part of your self-care ritual.