Meet the Brand Ambassadors of Glamour Witch Boutique!

Glamour Witch Boutique Ambassadors are a mixture of magical practitioners, spiritual creators, admirers of the dark and unknown and of course GWB lovers!

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“Hi Glamour Witch Boutique! My name is Stephanie and I am an avid reader, wax melt afficionado, and lover of all things dark and spooky. I am the proud owner of a magnificent throne chair and love curating the décor in my house with the perfect backdrop of Glamour Witch Boutique scents to compliment. When I am not reading you can find me enjoying attending a renaissance festival or cuddling up on the couch to play a video game. I am so excited to be a Glamour Witch Boutique Brand Ambassador and share all of the things I love about these products!"

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"Hi my name is Amy. I am a momma to 3 babies and 3 furbabies. I love sculpting, dancing and being in nature especially near water! I also have a love for crystals and even run my own crystal shop! For as long as I remember, even as a kid I’ve been in love with all things spiritual; mediumship, witchcraft, and esoteric knowledge. It’s all fascinating to me. Even so, I didn’t truly begin my practice until recently. When I found Glamour Witch Boutique, I instantly felt drawn and wanted to incorporate her products into my practice. I am so happy I did. THEY WORK! I have since gotten to know Savanna and have fallen even more in love with the shop and brand as a whole. I am beyond excited to be an ambassador and share my love for Glamour Witch Boutique with the world."

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"Merry meet! My name is Stacy and I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and practioner of Wicca. I enjoy reading, crafts, photography, cooking, gardening, and hiking in the great outdoors. Though I have been practicing for many years, I am currently expanding my horizons in the craft by researching and learning more about herbs and crystals, as I had spent many years focusing on the more spiritual side of it all. I am also teaching my teenage daughter about the craft, as she recently took a strong interest. I look forward to sharing with you all of the wonderful items Glamour Witch Boutique has to offer! You will find there is something for everyone at Glamour Witch Boutique and new items are added regularly! Blessed Be!!"

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"Hi my name is April! When I’m not being a wife/mom to my daughter and three pooches, i find myself getting lost up on a mountain. I’m a learner of all hobbies, anything that i can do creatively, I will try at least once. Recently, I’ve found a love for painting, wire wrapping crystals, and creating delicious dishes. My main goal in life is to live in a dark, scary mansion full of skulls, animals and plants, something similar to The Addams Family. I already have the skulls, animals and plants, I just need the mansion. Lol! I have a new obsession with incorporating The Glamour Witch Boutique’s candles or room sprays into my daily rituals. I also can’t wait to see the herbs to drop into the shop so I can learn to create my own oils and potions!"

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“Hi! I’m Sarah - mom of 2 and a small business owner. I’m exploring my spiritual side after being raised in the Christian community but never feeling like I belonged. I’ve learned so much over the past year and a half - and have discovered I have many gifts like clairsentience and some other psychic tendencies! Collecting all things spiritual, and enjoying every step of the way.”

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"Hello everybody! My name is Rosemary and I’m an eclectic pagan witch that’s been practicing since 2016! i’m an Aphrodite devotee but also worship and work with other deities! I love divination, crystals, herbs, and I LOVE Glamour Witch Boutique! I’m so happy to be an ambassador for such an amazing business! To set the vibes for a great day in your home, I strongly recommend the Home Blessing candle!"

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