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Double Terminated Crystal - Necklace Pendants

Double Terminated Crystal - Necklace Pendants

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Pendants are a great option for those who love to wear crystals. Double terminated crystals have a point at both ends which allows their energy to flow both ways.

Each pendant comes with a 20"  waxed cotton necklace cord.

Crystal Meanings

Amethyst: Intuition, Healing, Peace

Carnelian:  Creativity, Ambition, Confidence

Clear Quartz: Clarity, Awareness, Healing

Green Aventurine: Abundance, Luck, Prosperity

Labradorite: Ritual Work, Magic, Protection

Rose Quartz: Femininity, Love, Kindness

Sodalite: Calmness, Creativity, Sleep

Tiger's Eye: Confidence, Willpower, Vitality

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