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Imbolc Ritual Oil

Imbolc Ritual Oil

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Awaken to the promise of spring with our Imbolc Ritual Oil, a harmonious blend designed to capture the essence of Imbolc’s purifying and renewing energies. This oil unites the calming presence of lavender with the protective strength of rosemary, embodying the balance between peace and vitality that defines this time of year.

Infused with the bright, citrus notes of orange and lemon, our oil celebrates the return of the sun, bringing with it light and warmth to guide us out of winter. The sacred essence of frankincense deepens your spiritual connection, encouraging introspection and renewal, while cedarwood grounds you in the strength and stability of the awakening earth.

Anoint your altar, candles, or yourself with this oil as you set intentions for the coming season. Let it be a reminder of the light growing stronger each day, guiding your path to renewal and growth as the earth reawakens.

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