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Juniper Smoke Cleansing Bundle

Juniper Smoke Cleansing Bundle

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The Juniper Smoke Cleansing Bundle is perfect for cleansing and purifying your space or energy. The smoke of juniper has been used for centuries for its spiritual and medicinal properties, making it a great tool for ritual and cleansing.

Juniper is known for its ability to purify and clear negative energies, while also promoting clairvoyance and wisdom. This bundle is also great for protection and cleansing.

To use, simply light the end of the bundle and let it smolder, allowing the smoke to fill your space. Walk around the area you wish to cleanse while focusing on your intention and allowing the smoke to clear any negative energy.

Each bundle is approximately 4 inches in length and is made with juniper and other intuitively chosen herbs. Please note that each bundle is unique and may vary in appearance.

 How to Use

  1. Open doors and windows in the space. Ensure the area is clean and well-ventilated to allow the negative energy and smoke to escape. I find it important to cleanse and ground yourself before cleansing another object, space, or person.

  2. Light one end of your bundle stick and allow it to burn (approx. 5-10 seconds for the Rosemary). Blow out the flame allowing the bundle to smolder and smoke. 

  3. Wave the bundle around, allowing the smoke to fill and cover the space, person, or object of focus. Take in the scent, and allow it to bring you peace, calm your mind, and provide clarity throughout your ritual.

  4. As you continue to please, repeat your intentions either out loud or to yourself. Stay focused in the moment, and welcome the shift of energy.

  5. When you are finished, place your bundle on a fireproof dish and allow it to continue smoking until it ceases on its own.



- Use responsibly at your own risk.
- It is always best to have something heat-proof underneath to catch any embers
- ALWAYS use caution when handling burning bundles
- Use cation when smoke cleansing around those with Asthma or respiratory ailments
- Do NOT leave bundles burning unattended
- Do NOT place on non-fire resistant surfaces
- Do NOT burn near curtains, inquisitive pets, animals, children etc out of fear of causing a fire or burning.


Smoke cleansing is safe when used in an appropriate and responsible way. 

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