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Monthly Mystic Subscription Box

Monthly Mystic Subscription Box

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Embark on a Mystical Journey Every Month
"Monthly Mystic" is your portal to the realms of magic and enchantment. With each monthly delivery, we bring you a handpicked collection of magical items, crafted to inspire, empower, and enhance your spiritual practice. Suitable for everyone from the budding enchantress to the adept wizard, "Monthly Mystic" adds a spark of magic to your daily life.

Inside Your Box

Unveil a treasure chest of witchcraft and spirituality each month, themed to bring new insights and energies into your practice. Your "Monthly Mystic" box may include:

  • Ritual Oils: Crafted with natural ingredients and lunar energy, each blend is charged with specific magical intentions.
  • Sacred Candles: Custom candles designed to complement the monthly theme, ideal for enhancing your spells, meditations, or simply to adorn your sacred space.
  • Altar Enhancements: Elevate your altar with bespoke cloths, figurines, and other unique items, exclusively selected for "Monthly Mystic" subscribers.
  • Divination Delights: Delve into the mysteries of the future with divination tools like oracle cards, runes, and pendulums, chosen to help sharpen your intuition.
  • Crystal Companions: A curated selection of crystals and gemstones, each cleansed and charged, ready to assist in your magical endeavors.
  • And More: Expect to find additional magical surprises in each box, ensuring a diverse and enriching experience month after month.

How It Works

Choose Your Path:

  • Single Voyage: Dip your toes into the magical waters by ordering a single "Monthly Mystic" box. No commitments, just pure enchantment.
  • Continuous Enchantment: Embrace the magic fully with a subscription, receiving a new themed box each month and continuously feeding your mystical curiosity.

    Ordering Details

    • The cut-off for each month's box is the 15th. Orders placed after the 15th will be enchanted by the magic of the upcoming month's theme.
    • Subscriptions can be managed easily online, with the freedom to pause or cancel at any time.

    Value and Subscription Benefits

    • Every "Monthly Mystic" box is valued at a minimum of $75, ensuring you receive a treasure trove of high-quality, magical items at a great value.
    • Choose the subscription plan to deepen your exploration of the mystical arts while enjoying savings.
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