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New Moon Ritual Bath Soak

New Moon Ritual Bath Soak

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Embrace the enchanting energies of the New Moon with our New Moon Ritual Bath Soak. This celestial blend is carefully crafted to coincide with the mysterious and transformative phase of the moon. Submerge yourself in the soothing embrace of Epsom Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt, while the invigorating scents of Lemon, Sage, Rosemary, and Bay awaken your senses.

The mystical properties of Activated Charcoal add a touch of purification to this bath soak, allowing you to release negativity and embrace new beginnings. As you immerse yourself in the sacred waters, let the New Moon's energy renew and rejuvenate your spirit.

To use, simply add a desired amount of the Ritual Bath Soak to your warm bathwater, allowing the aromatic herbs and salts to dissolve and envelop you in their mystical embrace. Set your intentions and connect with the powerful energy of the New Moon as you embark on your journey of transformation.

Our New Moon Ritual Bath Soak comes in a 3.5” H x 2.87” W jar, weighing 5.5 ounces (155 grams). Elevate your self-care routine and create a sacred bathing experience with this enchanting blend, thoughtfully curated to align with the potent energies of the New Moon.
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