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Ostara Ritual Oil

Ostara Ritual Oil

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Celebrate the awakening of spring with our enchanting Ostara Ritual Oil, a symphony of bergamot, geranium, ylang ylang, jasmine, and neroli. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to resonate with Ostara's themes of balance, renewal, and new beginnings.

Bergamot, with its light citrusy and floral notes, heralds the return of longer days and the freshness of spring. Geranium adds a green, slightly rosy touch, symbolizing growth and the rebirth of nature.

Ylang ylang's rich and heady aroma embodies the fullness and fertility of the season, complementing the delicate and alluring jasmine, which invokes the joy and beauty of spring in full bloom. Neroli rounds out the blend with its sweet, honeyed fragrance, reminiscent of blossoming flowers under the vernal sun.

Anoint yourself, your altar, or your candles with this oil as a potent reminder of nature's renewal and the endless cycle of growth. It is perfect for any Ostara celebration, ritual, or as a daily reminder of the balance and beauty inherent in the changing of the seasons.

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