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Road Opener Ritual Oil

Road Opener Ritual Oil

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Unlock new opportunities and pave the way to success with our Road Opening Oil. This powerful oil acts as a key, helping you overcome obstacles and clear blockages on your path. Whether you're seeking to manifest a new venture or seeking assistance with a current endeavor, this oil is here to support you.

Infused with a blend of carefully selected herbs, including chamomile, mugwort, vervain, sage, and bay, this oil combines their unique properties to create a synergistic effect.

Chamomile brings a sense of calm and love, allowing you to approach new opportunities with clarity and positivity. Mugwort contributes strength, protection, and healing energies, empowering you to overcome challenges and navigate your path with confidence. Vervain helps to purify your intentions, while also attracting opportunities your way. Sage provides protection and purification, clearing away any negative influences that may hinder your progress. Lastly, bay enhances your intuition and wisdom, warding off any evil or negativity that may stand in your way.

Use our Road Opening Oil during rituals, meditations, or any time you need to remove obstacles and open the doors to new possibilities. Apply it to your body, tools, or sacred space to invite the energy of expansion and progress into your life.

Unleash the power of the road opener and step into a future filled with limitless potential. Let our Road Opening Oil guide you on your journey to success and help you manifest your desires with ease.

Not intended for consumption. Do NOT ingest.


Ways to Use Ritual Oils

Ritual Oils can be used to anoint yourself, spaced and objects with specific intentions and energy. Use to dress a candle, or charge a talisman.


Not intended for consumption. Do NOT ingest.

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