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Yule Goat

Yule Goat

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If you've never heard of the Yule goat, you're not alone. This Scandinavian holiday tradition has been around for centuries, but it's still a little-known custom today.

The Yule goat's origins date back to ancient Pagan festivals. In Sweden, people believed that the Yule goat—which was sometimes invisible—would appear before Christmas to make sure that the holiday preparations were done correctly. The goat eventually took on the role of a gift giver and is sometimes seen in place of or alongside Santa Claus (called Jultomten).

A popular prank was to make a Yule goat out of straw or wood and then place it in a family’s, friend’s or neighbor’s house without them noticing. The family that was pranked then had to continue this prank by hiding it in another’s home. This tradition continues today, but with modern twists!

In modern Scandinavia, the Yule goat has become a popular Christmas ornament and decoration! These modern goats are usually made of straw and bound with red ribbon; some are even decorated with colorful ribbons and bells!



Dimensions: Approximately 4”x4”

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